What is it:  Music Integrative Neurotherapy is a computer-based new technique of music therapy, involving listening combined with visual stimulus.  The medical data of each patient is used to create unique musical compositions addressing the specific aspects of various types of diseases. This technique is a non-invasive and integrative therapeutic approach.


This method was created by the composer Alexander Graur, Ph.D., MT-BC, (Board Certified Music Therapist, USA) and is in use since 1985 in private practices and psychiatric clinics with good results.  

The main principle of Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ is that in order to really heal the music must be created using the medical data of each patient.


It has to go beyond the psychological conditioning and cultural background, to be really effective. The music used as therapy should act like a medicine, independent of the personal aesthetic opinions of the patient ("I like/don't like Music").

The specific music used in this therapy acts directly on each organ affected by various Medical conditions. The goal is to re-establish the right balance in body/mind functioning.


Also, it targets the behavioral disorders related to or caused by diseases.

To achieve this goal the rules of Music Science together with determinate aspects of human physiology are used in composing a music addressing various diseases.

Medical conditions as well as some neurological and psychiatric diseases are improved by this therapy.  

Unlike the mainstream method of music therapy, this original technique uses music composed specifically for therapeutic needs, not musical pieces originally composed for entertainment or other purposes.


Music Integrative Neurotherapy ™ is not the usual "relaxing" music, even if the patients feel relaxed after the session. It belongs to the group of therapies related to  Neuroscience.