NOTE: The material (music + video) used in Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ is customized according to the medical data of each patient. The following samples (up to 2 minutes each from an average length of 6 minutes / piece) are a means to give an  introductory idea about the therapy; they cover what is called in this therapy "the wide-range dimension (the disease in general)".

There are three types of music and visual pieces, in Music Integrative Neurotherapy: the first addresses the disease in general (for example Anxiety); the second addresses the specific sub-class of the disease (for example: Anxiety, acute form, or General Anxiety Disorder). The third type is based on the patient’s specific manifestations of the disease.

All the material  used in this therapy is customized according to the medical data of the patient, is composed, performed and produced by Alexander Graur and it is not for sale or distribution to other patients.

For that reason you will never find any CD, DVD or other magnetic supports related to Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ on sale in stores.

Sample's formats:  FLV movie and SWF audio


In order to watch/listen to the examples you need a FLV / SWF player in your browser.

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Stress Audio            Stress Video


Relax Audio             Relax Video


Depression Audio    Depression Video


Insomnia Audio        Insomnia Video


Hypersomnia Audio Hypersomnia Video


Chemical Elements:

Potassium Audio      Potassium Video