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International Encounters in Clinical Music Therapy 2008

Sala Conceria

                                                                                                  CHIERI (TO)

Fourth  Encounter

Friday  29 and Saturday 30, August  2008, 9.30 AM to 6 PM


Dr. Alexander J. Graur, Ph.D.,MT-BC

President, Medicamus Italiana Torino



"Music Integrative Neurotherapy™: a presentation of the method

and its use in

Mood, Personality and Sleep Disorders.

 A primary quantum model for neurotherapy"


Friday, August 29

9.30-10.45: lecture: "Music Integrative Neurotherapy™": Body and Sound

10.45-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.30: lecture: "Music Integrative Neurotherapy™": the use in Mood and Personality disorders

12.30-14.30: lunch break

14.30-16.15: lecture: "Composing for Healing: compositional techniques"

16.15.-16.30: coffee break

16.30-18.00: "Composing for Healing- workshop"

Saturday, August 30

9.30-10.45: lecture: "Music Integrative Neurotherapy™": the use in Sleep Disorders

10.45-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.30: lecture:"Music Integrative Neurotherapy™": A primary quantum model for neurotherapy"

12.30-14.30: lunch break

14.30-15.00: private bus transportation to the hospital

15.00-17.00: hospital demonstration

17.15-18.00: wrap-up



Combining two sciences, Medicine and Music, Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ uses the ways in which the body process the data  received from both the ambient (external inputs) and the various part of the body affected by various disturbs (internal inputs).

It combines the rules of music science with the medical data of each patient, to create music related to the patient’s unique condition. A personalized therapy, based on the fact that each disturb has three main aspects: the general (for example: Anxiety Disorder), the specific (for example: Anxiety Disorder- General Anxiety Disorder (Panic Attack), and a personal aspect (the way the disease acts in each patient according to her/his specific physiological and psychological data).

A therapy which involves the multi-directional effects of feedback and feedforward path of the information into the organism.

Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. It helps to reduce and eliminate the side effects of many medications; it helps to speed up the action of the drug, while reducing its side effects.

In this lectures will be presented. the method, the compositional techniques; the applications and effects of the method in some psychiatric and neurological disturbs, the specific clinical assessment; the structure of the therapeutical material and the results of the therapy.

Will be presented clinical cases for each disturb, with the relative protocols of therapy.

The last  lecture will  briefly present the primary quantum model of the relationships brain-mind-brain-organism used to compose the music and images for this therapy technique.


Born in Romania and an Italian citizen, Alexander received his doctorate in composition-musicology and instrumental music from the Music Academy of Bucharest, Romania. He also studied medicine at the Institute of Medicine ,University of Bucharest.

After a long career as a soloist, composer and teacher in Romania, Germany, Greece and Italy,he decided to dedicate himself to music therapy.

Applying his own experience regarding the relationship between music listening, human physiology and psychology, he established this new method using his own music to address various pathologies and customizing it for each patient.

In 2004 Alexander became co-founder of Medicamus Center LLC in Edgewater, New Jersey, USA;

in 2005 he moves to Italy (Turin) where he opens Medicamus Italiana (as a private practice)and works in private psychiatric and neurological clinics in the Northwest area of Italy.

He is certified by CBMT and a member of AMTA (since 2003).

The method (Music Integrative Neurotherapy™) was presented in USA at the MAR-AMTA (Long Island)and the National AMTA Conference (Orlando) in 2005; at the National AMTA Conference(Louisville) in 2007; and at the International Conference in Seoul (South Korea) in 2006.


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