How it works:

Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ follows the ways in which the Nervous System receives, analyzes, transmits and uses  information. Some physiological data used in this therapy are: the stress chain, the action of the electrical and electromagnetic fields of the brain and the heart as well as their mutual connections and the action of the chemical elements in the body.

Medical tests related to each patient, such as the blood and urine tests, the EKG, the MRI or the PET scan, the EEG, give the necessary inputs for composing the appropriate music therapy.


 The effectiveness of Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ is further strengthened by use of  Art and Color therapies integrated to music via the computer. Actually the patient looks and listens to short movies (four to twelve minutes each) created and programmed for his/her therapeutic needs.


The psychological barriers between patient and physician are drastically lowered because of the special healing capacity of this therapy. The patient communicates better, faster and deeper with the therapist, who reports the findings to the referral physician. In certain cases a pre-elaborated investigative plan submitted by the physician is used during the treatment.


Music Integrative Neurotherapy™ it is an integrative therapy, not an alternative one.

It helps the physician to work faster, easier and with better results in improving the state of the patient.

This therapy helps in reducing the side effects of many of the drugs used in psychiatric or related disturbances. It is useful in diseases such as Epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy, in Sleep Disorders and Pain Management. 

It also helps the human organism to re- build some chemical elements affected by drug therapy. The improvement in patient’s behavior is evident and durable.

The cultural background and aesthetic preferences are of a minimum consequences in Music Integrative Neurotherapy. Relaxation, the main goal and only result in other music therapies is just a side effect in this method.


All the material used in this therapy is customized according to the medical data of the patient and is composed, performed and produced by Dr.Alexander Graur. It is not for sale or distribution to other patients.