Born in Bucharest, Romania, Alexander GRAUR lived in Italy between 1981and 2001. Since 2001 he is living and working in the USA and Italy.

A graduate (Ph.D.) of the Music Academy in Bucharest, Romania  (composition-musicology and instrumental music) he specialized in contemporary music in Darmstadt, Germany. He also studied human anatomy, physiology and psychology.

Dr.Alexander Graur is certified by the national (USA) Certification Board for Music Therapists. His national (USA) certification # is 07000, valid through December 31, 2008.

After a long career as a soloist, composer and teacher  (in Romania, Italy, Germany, and Greece) he decided to dedicate himself to Music Therapy. Applying his own experience regarding the relationship between music listening, human physiology and psychology he established this new method creating his own music to address various pathologies and customizing it for each patient.

In Italy he owned his private practice and worked as a medical staff member at “Castello di Vernone” Psychiatric Clinic in Turin, directed by Dr. Silvano Calzi, M.D., P.D. In the USA he worked at AIM Center in Paramus, NJ.

In 2004 he became a co- founder of Medicamus Center LLC , the only company in the USA (New Jersey) to offer Music Integrative Neurotherapy. Starting January 2005 he opened  Medicamus Italiana in Turin. He also is working in the Psychiatric Clinic "Castello di Vernone" in Turin County.

Starting 2005 Dr. Graur is available in Turin, Italy.

Since 2010: associate, University of Torino; Post-Graduate School in Health Psychology.

Since 2011:member, The New York Academy of Sciences

His works on composition and musicology are published by BERBEN Editions, TGE, Ottocento Editions in Italy and Switzerland; his recordings as soloist are published and broadcasted in Romania, Italy, and Great Britain.

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