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International Encounters in Clinical Music Therapy


June 20/21   Sala Conceria, CHIERI (TO)

Dr. Nancy Jackson,Ph.D., MMT, MT-BC

Director of Music Therapy Department

Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne, U.S.A.

 “Working with emotions  in Music Therapy”

details and registration


July  25/26  Centro Convegni Concordia, VENARIA REALE (TO)  

Dr.Eric Miller, Ph.D. MT-BC

Adjunct Faculty, Music Therapy Department,

Immaculata University, U.S.A.

“Helping ADHD Children with Music Therapy & EEG Neurofeedback: Brain-jamming for Focus"

Lynn Miller MA, CMT

Expressive Therapy Concepts, Philadelphia,USA

"Singing from Within"

details and registration


August  22/23 Sala Conceria, CHIERI (TO)  

Dorita S. Berger, MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy,

John J. Cali School of Music,Montclair State University, U.S.A.

 "Developing a “Clinical Eye”- Physiologic Foundations for Music Therapy "

details and registration


August  29/30 Sala Conceria, CHIERI (TO)  

Dr. Alexander Graur, Ph.D.,MT-BC


Medicamus Italiana Torino.

"Music Integrative Neurotherapy™: a presentation of the method and its use in

Mood, Personality and Sleep Disorders.

A primary quantum model for neurotherapy"

details and registration


September  19/20  Centro Convegni  Concordia, VENARIA REALE (TO)

Dr. Mary Boyle, Ed.D., LCAT, MT-BC

Director of the Music Therapy Program

State University of New York at New Paltz, U.S.A.

with the participation of

Sr. Mariam Pfeiffer, Marywood University, Scranton   and   Sr. Donna Marie Beck , Duquesne University,Pittsburgh

“Assessing and Assuring Benefit of Music Therapy Services for Patients in General Medical Settings”

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September  26/27  Centro Convegni Concordia, VENARIA REALE (TO)

Deborah Benkovitz, LSW, MSW, MT-BC

Coordinator, MT Internship Program

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy,

Duquesne University, U.S.A.

“Music Therapy in Pediatry”

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The Encounters are targeting:

music therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, health-and social workers, special needs teachers, .


Lasting two days each (Friday and Saturday) these encounters are structured as follow:

-          Friday and Saturday from 9.30 AM to 10.45 AM: lecture

10.45-11.00 coffee break

11.00-12.30: lecture

12.30- 14.30 lunch break

-          Friday from 2.30 PM to 6.00 PM: workshop

-          Saturday from 3.00PM on: live demonstration with patients.

See separate details for each conference


The language of the encounters is English; an Italian translation will be available in real time.

Proficiency certificates available.


€ 100.00 for each day

€ 160.00 for both days


active participation at the seminaries and demonstration on Saturday.

Registration (on line or via mail) is mandatory and free of charges


Cash only at your arrival at the conference






Cascina di Corte

via A.di Castellamonte,2

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HOTEL (walking distance)


tel. + 39 011- 947 83 94    // + 39 011-947 31 86




The cities of Venaria Reale and Chieri are served by the ground transportation of the city of Torino.

Teatro Concordia, Venaria: bus 72/  (starting point: via Bertola, Torino)

Sala Conceria: bus 30 (starting point: piazza Vittorio, Torino)